The New Woodward Livestock Auction

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Market Report for Tuesday Sale ----or---- Market Report for Thursday Sale

We sell cattle quickly so the buyers don't mind watching the whole sale.

Jerry Nine sets the price of all the cattle in solid and will not back up.

The crew we have will take good care of your cattle the whole time

we have them on our lot. We will always treat you honest and fair,

which has made us one of the largest cattle sale barns in the country.

Our sale is a good old fashioned sale barn where the buyer sees all

the cattle in person and not just a video or a picture, where

you wonder if you are really getting the calf you thought

you bought. We have the pens to handle your cattle.

Our crew will work very hard for you to get the best price possible.

We are located in Woodward Oklahoma which is

in the heart of cattle country, where the cattle pastures

meet the feed lots. Woodward has a lot of stuff offer when

you are not at the sale barn.

At The New Woodward Livestock Auction we can get

you the best price for your cattle and it won't take all day to sell them.

We are honest and will always treat you fair. Our location is superior for cattle.

Jerry Nine

(800) 442-5548

(580) 334-7466